Biblical Bisexuality

We believe bisexuality
among women is taught
as natural in the Bible.
Teachers of the bible are
currently not teaching the
truth from scripture. We will.

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Blessing Establishes Theme

God blessed them and said to them, "Be fruitful and increase in number..."

Genesis 1:26-28

The Theme

Children are a blessing. Father God saves His Children. He gave His only Son for His Love of His Children. Anything that protects the building of the family, and the ability to have and love children on earth, is a major priority in scripture - let the little children come to Him. While we believe being attracted to women is natural. We also believe abandoning men to pursue monogamous 'love' outside of bringing more family into the world, could be misuse of your body. God's natural solution is polygyny.

For more on this see: Romans 1:18-30

Simple, Verifiable, Factual

Polygyny was widely practiced in most major cultures, including by some men in the bible.

Every prohibition against homosexuality has the word 'male' as a qualifier - this would have been clear to those studied.

Often these men left their women alone, at home, for long periods of time (lets be honest with ourselves).

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